White Paper   ActiveImage: Change Block Comparison Technology

ActiveImage Protector uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service API to perform image-based backups.
Using this snapshot technology, it can quickly create backups even while the system is running.
After a full backup, only data that has changed will be backed up as incremental image files in subsequent backups. This incremental backup technology, a critical component, has been redesigned.

In older version of ActiveImage Protector, Change Block Tracking Technology was used to keep track of the new changes in the volumes in order to prepare for next scheduled incremental backup. So how does the Change Block Tracking Technology works?

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  Product News   Shared Media Storage with EonStore CS Scale-out NAS

As media editing application is always on the way to pursue higher performance, the CS scale-out NAS allows large and growing media companies to get the highest and the most stable performance for their Adobe Premiere Pro NLE workflow

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  Product News   HyperAgent - Agentless backup for your virtual infrastructure

HyperAgent will backup virtual infrastructures without the need to install backup software on either the host or guest machines. Backup an unlimited number of virtual machines from a single host with ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition.

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  Product News   Do you have a customer with expanding data storage needs but a shrinking budget?

Do you have a customer with expanding data storage needs but a shrinking budget?

StorCycle and its data storage savings calculator feature can help you provide an alternative to “adding more boxes.”

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  Product News   Infortrend EonStor CS Family - The Scale-Out NAS Storage with High Scalability and Performance

EonStor CS is a scale-out shared storage solution that allows enterprises to address the sheer volume of data via its scalable capacity and linear-increasing performance.

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  Blog   iSCSI vs NFS - Which is better choice for Instant-VM?

Taking the iSCSI approach means less hassle in the long run.

For others, maintaining the NFS approach may mean increasing investment in development with time or switching to iSCSI to stay relevant to targeted environments.

iSCSI protocol remains actively maintained/enhanced/enforced by standards, while NFS went off focus a while ago due to a lack of in-demand features in areas where it shined earlier such as distributed file system.

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  Case Study   Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

A fire burned down the headquarters with all of the servers hosted within the same building? How to recover all the servers in Disaster Recovery site with minimal downtime?

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  Case Study   Data Storage & Long Term Archiving

Companies typically require a massive storage space to archive old data which may or may not be used in the future due to compliance. This often require users to invest on disk storage which could prove costly.

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  Case Study   Intelligent Uninterruped Power Supply System

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is an undisputed requirement in today’s date centers and server rooms. Despite this, human intervention is still required to manually shutdown non-critical server to prolong the backup power of the UPS and batteries.

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