Product News   Infortrend EonStor CS Family - The Scale-Out NAS Storage with High Scalability and Performance

Infortrend EonStor CS is a scale-out shared storage solution that allows enterprises to address the sheer volume of data via its scalable capacity and linear-increasing performance.

EonStor CS also improves data utilization and simplifies data management by integrating data from all nodes into one cluster system.

The superior performance and scalability make CS suitable for a wide range of data-intensive industries and applications such as media and entertainment (M&E), high-performance computing (HPC), video surveillance, file sharing, and backup. With EonStor CS, enterprises gain speedy process for storage expansion and data migration. EonStor CS can keep up as the business grows, making it the optimized data storage and management solution.

High Performance and Capacity

EonStor CS is a scale-out NAS storage system. By adding more CS units (nodes), you get a high performance/capacity cluster system with up to 100+ GBps Read/Write speed and more than 100PB of storage for the needs of future data growth. It also supports Auto-balancing function that evenly distributes data across all nodes in the system. When a large number of users access data simultaneously, the system shares the workload through parallel processing, solving the problem of a single node performance limitation and effectively improving the access efficiency.

High Scalability

EonStor CS supports two capacity expansion solutions, horizontal scalability (scale-out) and vertical scalability (scale-up). The scale-out expansion allows you to add more devices (up to 144 nodes) to increase both capacity and performance. The entire cluster performance can reach 100+ GBps (Read/Write) and more than 100PB capacity. The benefit of using scale-out is that you increase performance and capacity at the same time. EonStor CS also supports scale-up scalability, which allows you to add up to 84 disks to increase storage space.

High Availability

With the data protection design like RAID, Replica/Erasure code, EonStor CS feature high availability for disk, node levels.

The network interface trunk group provide not only the bandwidth aggregation but also preventing single path failure.

Besides, EonStor CS also has the redundant hardware component design including PSU, FAN module, helps out the hardware availability, when one component is down, the other component can still provide the power and heat dissipation, these components are also modular for easy component maintenance.

Last but not the least, the firmware for EonStor CS can also be upgraded without cluster downtime to make sure the cluster service continuity.

Easy Management

EonStor CS simplifies the deployment and management tasks with both hardware and software designs.

EonOne management software provides an intuitive user interface for centralized management of multiple systems, monitoring of performance and capacity usage, and completion of all related system configurations.

On the hardware side, EonStor CS adopts cable-less and modular design, allowing you to expand nodes or add expansion enclosures without interrupting system operation. EonStor CS also comes with redundant key components such as power supplies, controllers, and fans. These features give enterprises a very robust system that is easier to maintain and reduce the risk of downtime, providing a non-stop delivery of services.

CS cluster supports All-HDD and All-Flash hybrid configuration. This hybrid configuration is especially suitable for HPC and M&E applications, which workload requirements include high-performance computing and massive data storage capacity. Moreover, you can set different protection levels for each pool. For example, you can choose Erasure Code to protect massive data while saving the storage space.