Product News   Shared Media Storage with EonStore CS Scale-out NAS

“As media editing application is always on the way to pursue higher performance, the CS scale-out NAS allows large and growing media companies to get the highest and the most stable performance for their Adobe Premiere Pro NLE workflow, ” noted Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.

Muti-task Media Workload Deliverable

Simultaneous support of 10 and above worksations

10/25/40 GbE network connection support.

EonOne software to manage everything.

The Best 4K Video Playback Solution

Featuring high scalability of scale-out and scale-up expansion functions, EonStor CS offers an easier and more cost-effective way of managing the growing media assets while reducing consequent performance bottlenecks. The CS ensures the stability of high-resolution video playback without dropping frames to eliminate latency issues for media editing applications. It also allows growing post-production studios to linearly increase performance by adding new storage nodes.