Product News   Do you have a customer with expanding data storage needs but a shrinking budget?

Do you have a customer with expanding data storage needs but a shrinking budget?

StorCycle and its data storage savings calculator feature can help you provide an alternative to “adding more boxes.”

  • Install StorCycle and scan your customer’s data to reveal their blind spots.
  • Relieve the congestion and performance drags on their existing primary tier of storage.
  • Reduce the backup times of their critical data.
  • Offload inactive data automatically to a lower cost storage tier – Disk, Tape or Cloud.
  • Improve their DR plan with multiple locations for their data.
  • Improve your trusted advisor status with your Professional Services.
  • Protect their investment with Support Contracts.

What starts with a scan, ends with a comprehensive plan.


Step 1. Scans

StorCycle provides a scan feature enabling a scan of all files in the configured storage location.The scan identifies important information such as file size, file type, and file age (last access, last accessed date, last modified date, and creation date) to help users make informed decisions as to what data they would like to migrate to a perpetual tier of storage. StorCycle is capable of scanning specific directories or the entire file system of any storage location accessible by the StorCycle server . Once a scan is completed, users can view the results to see how much data is in the pre-defined primary storage location and gain insight to the location’s contents such as age and size. The scan results can also be used as part of a migration job to move some or all of the files to the Perpetual Tier of storage.

Step 2. Migrate

The Auto Migrate method migrates inactive files according to user-defined policies based on file age and size. These files are moved to the selected storage target(s) within the Perpetual Tier. The ability of StorCycle to easily identify and automatically migrate data off of primary storage to perpetual storage is invaluable – essentially extending production storage to provide limitless capacity at a fraction of the cost.

The Project Archive method is used to migrate data sets associated with a specific project with a specific directory. It is typically a manually initiated process allowing users to immediately migrate data rather than basing the migration on the age of the data. Project Archive is useful for data such as machine-generated data, completed experiment output, videos, etc. When a project is completed, StorCycle can migrate it from the Primary Tier to the Perpetual Tier via the project archive function.