DisasterReady Solutions.

Backup Solution

ActiveImage Protector™ is an image based backup and recovery solution that supports a variety of physical and virtual Windows and Linux
environments. ActiveImage Protector™ iuses the latest sector-based technology to back up your entire hard disk, including the operating
system along with all your applications and data. The backups are saved to any available storage location, including local hard disk, USB
memory, network storage such as NAS, etc.

Restore Features

Recovery has never been easier than a snap of a finger. In the event of a system failure due to hard disk failure. the traditional lengthy recovery process involved the reinstallation of OS and applications, data recovery, etc. ActiveImage Protector™ is a sector-based disk imaging backup/recovery solution and the built-in wizards guide you through every steps to perform required.

  • HyperBoot™ immediate bootup in VM
  • vStandby™ instant recovery
  • Fast Bare Metal Recovery
  • File Recovery
  • Linux Based Recovery Environment
  • Windows PE Based Recovery Environment

Product Line Up

ActiveImage Protector™, a disaster recovery solution, is designed to provide “a fast and successful recovery”, and is useful for disaster recovery. ActiveImage Protector™ covers multi platform backup & recovery as follows;

Agentless backup feature “HyperAgent™”

ActiveImage Protector™ Virtual Edition provides the following four features of HyperAgent™ without the need to install agents on either the host or guest machines.
・Backup virtual machines (HyperBack™).
・Restore physical or virtual machine backups to dissimilar hypervisors (HyperRestore™).
・Create and maintain standby virtual machines from backup images for instant switch-over. (HyperStandby™)
・Restore a specific file from agentless backup images.

No Software Agent Installed on Guest!

Traditional agent-based backup installs a backup agent on all virtual machines. In agentless backup, no backup agent is installed on the virtual machines.

No agent Installed on Host!

So far, agentless backup either required an agent installed or a software appliance on the hypervisor. Actiphyʼs agentless backup requires no software agent in any form on the hypervisor.

Minimizes the Use of CPU and Memory Resources

The HyperAgent™, installed on a remote machine, runs the tasks minimizing the consumption of CPU and memory resources on host and guest machines.

Incremental backup of virtual machines on Hyper-V host

Actiphy’s proprietary VHDX Block Delta (AVBD) technology makes incremental backups of VMs without the need for an agent or driver installed on the Hyper-V host. Using RCT (Resilient Change Tracking) of change block tracking for Hyper-V VM, backup of second-generation virtual machines on Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V host is supported.

HyperRestore™ (Restore feature)

Restore VMs from agent-based / agentless backup image files to the same or different hosts, or across different hypervisors.


Uses HyperStandby™ (same as Actiphyʼ s vStandby AIP™ technology) to create and maintain standby virtual replica from backup images for instant switch-over. When a disaster strikes, the virtual standby replica (VSR) can be instantly started (in two minutes according to our test result).

Creates virtual standby replica (VSR) (integrated with vStandby™)

vStandby™, standby availability solution, was marketed separately from ActiveImage Protector™. ActiveImage Protector™ integrates its features to replicate your physical / virtual machines (virtual standby replica) directly to an VMware ESX/ESXi or Hyper-V host, up-dating boot points with scheduled incremental snapshots. When a disaster strikes, the virtual standby replica (VSR) can be instantly started (in two minutes according to our test result).

vStandby AIP™ for Instant Disaster Recovery

Use our vStandby AIP™ solution in combination with ActiveImage Protector™ to create a standby virtual machine directly from your backup images. When disaster strikes, you can instantly boot a standby virtual machine from any incremental boot point made before the system crashed, bypassing conversion and recovery process – giving you true Instant Disaster Recovery!

HyperBoot™ add-on to immediately boot backups images as virtual machines

Use our free HyperBoot™ add-on to boot ActiveImage Protector™ backup mage files as a fully functional virtual machine in only a few minutes in local and remote Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation Pro / Player, Oracle VirtualBox. HyperBoot serves as an interim replacement server to bridge the gap between disaster and recovery. Using VMware vMotion streamlines the recovery process by seamlessly migrating live virtual machines booted in vCenter to a hypervisor in a production environment.

What is ImageCenter™ LE?

ImageCenter™ LE is a stand-alone image management tool for Actiphyʼs ActiveImage Protector™.

ImageCenter™ LE allows replication of backup image files to local or off-site high-capacity data stores can be scheduled, and automatically run the scheduled Replication task as well as Consolidation of incremental files, BootCheck™, Verify tasks. All of these can be offloaded to a dedicated system, greatly reducing resource demands on the source machine.


Main Features of ImageCenter™ LE

・Centralized Image Management tool for ActiveImage Protector™ backup image files.
・Consolidation of image files, Off-site Replication and BootCheck™ tasks are offloaded to a dedicated system greatly reducing resource demands on the source machine.
・Consolidation task can be performed immediately or when a specified number of incremental files have been created or scheduled at a specified time (on monthly / weekly basis).
・You can select replication targets from Local Storage, Network Shared Folder, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 (including Cloudian, Amazon S3-compatible storage), Azure Storage, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox.
・Control traffic by suspending / resuming replication tasks. This allows you to pause long-running replication tasks to reduce traffic if you have jobs to prioritize.
・ImageCenter™ LE includes BootCheck™ to ensure the backup image file is bootable. BootCheck™ provides confidence that your backup images are bootable on local or remote Hyper-V host. BootCheck™ boots up a virtual machine directly from a backup image file for quick bootability check, minimizing the resource consumption and startup time.
・Image files can be managed by folder, so it is easy to add image file for configuring a task.
・The backup image files created by ActiveImage Protector™ʼs HyperAgent™, agentless backup feature, are supported.

What is ActiveVisor™?

ActiveVisor™ provides a centralized management tool for ActiveImage Protector™ by monitoring overall system protection of the backup source PCs.

ActiveVisor™ collects information from the remote client PCs (“Agent-based ActiveImage Protector™” and “Agentless ActiveImage Protector™ (HyperAgent™)” respectively over network, provides visual representation of statistic data, real-time monitoring of the backup status of client PCs and storage space availability, and administers deployment of backup tasks / schedules.

System administrators can substantially reduce workloads by monitoring and managing ActiveImage Protector™ backup source client PCs from any location!

Advantages of ActiveVisor™

  • Management of all machine’s job from single console
  • Manage from anywhere by using Web browser-based console
  • Simplified and user friendly interface focused on useful information
  • Push install from remote site
  • Push backup policy to clients
  • Supports Azure Virtual Client
  • Perform file recovery from any machine in ActiveVisor™