Scenario Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is an undisputed requirement in today’s date centers and server rooms. Despite this, human intervention is still required to manually shutdown non-critical server to prolong the backup power of the UPS and batteries.

Desired Solution Provide an intelligent system to control and shutdown non-critical server to prolong backup time and eventually rest of the servers if main power source cannot be recovered on time.

How we can help We understand the servers and storage subsystems in your company are critical as they are storing important data. UPS coupled with Intelligent Centralized Management System not only provide the conveniences of monitoring UPS’s health status, but also enable the automated power down and graceful shutdown of the server system which in turn eliminates the risk of data lost and hardware failure.

The automated shutdown of non-critical servers can extends power backup period to keep the critical servers on running even longer and improve the business continuity in the event of power outage. Certified by VMware, the UPS Centralized Management System enables full integration with vMotion to achieve auto fail over between two Data Center in different location and enables the fall back of the Virtual Machine into source data center when power is resumed.